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7signal is The Wi-Fi Performance Company


7signal’s mission is to improve the Wi-Fi experience for end users everywhere. 7signal the wifi-iconWe help our customers achieve peak Wi-Fi performance and WLAN service assurance in support of initiatives that help their business grow, increase operational efficiency and elevate productivity. While there are plenty of network performance solutions for wired networks, there are no Wi-Fi performance management solutions on the market that provide Wi-Fi analytics and insights, like 7signal’s solution.

The Time is Now

Wireless collaboration and communication is now ubiquitous. Organizations depend on it to quickly and easily access information anywhere, anytime to help customers and coworkers get work done. It’s no longer good enough to simply have Wi-Fi. In this Age of Connectedness, Wi-Fi is a strategic infrastructure asset that has to work well, all the time.

The total number of internet connected devices will increase from 9 billion in 2013 to 24 billion in 2020. –GSM Association

Our History

Born out of the public’s need for dependable wireless service that provided a productive, high quality user experience, the concept of continuous end-user experience testing was established as the best way to improve the network. 7signal’s founders recognized that wireless networks inside organizations suffered from similar end-user experience performance issues and wanted to help. They created the 7signal Wi-Fi Performance Management System to manage, optimize and assure Wi-Fi networks for organizations that were growing increasingly dependent on the need for reliable, high performance Wi-Fi to increase productivity and decrease costs.

7signal was founded by WLAN and RF engineers in Finland who worked for Nokia and were tasked with improving cellular networks for carriers. While improving the reliability and stability of the hardware that makes up the cellular network’s infrastructure was of paramount importance, it was not enough to overcome the most common customer issues and complaints, which were lack of coverage, poor voice quality and dropped calls.

The Wi-Fi Performance Cycle

7signal created a methodology for Wi-Fi performance testing which it uses today to improve networks. It begins with sophisticated sensors that measure over 600 different aspects of the WLAN environment. These key performance indicators are analyzed by the system’s software before generating a Wi-Fi network optimization plan. Once the plan is executed, the system verifies performance results with continuous end-user experience testing. This ongoing process verifies the health of the Wi-Fi network and assures workers that the network can provide the level of service required for maximum productivity.

As a permanent system you put in place, it keeps close watch through continuous testing and alerts administrators when there are any changes to the environment that may potentially impact the user’s Wi-Fi experience. These alerts offer a proactive way to manage Wi-Fi, which is now a mission critical asset in many organizations.